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 Anna Allen & Traditional Plus is a Bluegrass band from Southern Central Ohio that was formed in the fall of 2013. Anna's strong vocals along with 3 other talented musicians come together to extend the tradition of Bluegrass and Mountain Music. Also performing contemporary Bluegrass to appeal to all Bluegrass Music listeners. Our music invokes the images of old time mountain life, rugged trails and hardships of the past. Along with happier times of fellowship on the porches to sing the praises of their lives.

The Blog Spot

The Bluegrass Mix interview with Anna  

On April 25th The Bluegrass Mix Internet Radio aired 3 of our songs and interviewed Anna live on the station. They asked when we may have a CD available and currently we are looking toward the end of summer or early fall for the release. The CD will be mainly original music penned by Keith Sanson , former member of The Bluegrass Alliance Band. We want to thank Bluegrass Mix for the airing and interview with Anna & Traditional Plus Bluegrass.

Bluegrass Mix 24/7 

Bluegrass Mix will be playing a song performed by Anna and Traditional Plus Bluegrass on Friday the 18th between 3 and 6pm . We welcome you to tune in and listen!!

(reposted due to date change . Sorry!!)

Words from Louisville Ky. 

Brandon Shuping - Wild Country Bluegrass Band
“Wow! What a great show...Thanks to Chuck Campbell and all the groups for a wonderful time! “.

Kara Yeager- Bluegrass Alliance Talent Agency
“ I had the best time! I consider this one the ice breaker with lots of room to grow for next time As for the rest of you-top notch, professional performances all around.” 

Jim Horsley - Anna Allen &Traditional Plus Bluegrass
“ I agree with Brandon and Kara! Very professional and all of the groups were great entertainers.”

Chuck Campbell - Bluegrass Alliance Talent Agency
“Great Band & singing.”
“They are still talking about y'all in the Lounge. They loved you!”

Elaine Vance - Bluegrass Alliance Talent Agency
“Thank you, Jim Horsley. Anna M Allen is such a beautiful, wonderful lady. I enjoyed your show very much.”

Thanks to Bluegrass Alliance Talent Agency 

I want to take the time this morning to say thanks to Chas Campbell Of the Bluegrass Alliance Talent Agency for the hospitality that he, Elaine Vance , and Kara Yeager extended to Anna Allen & Traditional Plus Bluegrass yesterday. The bluegrass fans that attended at the Nursing Care facility at Spalding Collage of Louisville Ky., were fantastic. Thank you for the warm welcome from all of those that attended The Headliners Club also , it was a great place for a venue such as... this. Thanks, to Marty Townsend for providing banjo for both of our sets at both locations , you were great!. The warm welcome from the groups that we performed with including ,The Marshall Family, Whitaker Bros. with Janet Miller, Brandon Shuping and Wild Country, and all of The Bluegrass Alliance Alumni members that played a set, THANK YOU!! On behalf of Anna Allen & Traditional Plus Bluegrass, hopefully our paths will cross and will work and enjoy the great sound of bluegrass music together again in the future.

Never Leave Harlan Alive 

As posted on Facebook!! 02-15-14

Quote from Chas (Chuck) Campbell (formally of Bill Monroe’s talent agency) about Anna’s version of "Never leave Harlan Alive". 

Beautiful, and soulful. As Managers we're supposed to fear that they won't fall in Love with her. I think they will.”

COBA and SPBGMA Members 

Anna Allen and Traditional Plus Bluegrass band is now members of the Central Ohio Bluegrass Association and also The Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America (SPBGMA)


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